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Our Team


Barbara Rinaldo

Studio Director & Dance Instructor


Bex Walker

Dance Company Coach & Dance Instructor


Alexandra "Sasha" Gutman

Dance Instructor


Lindsay Brzenski

Dance Instructor


Drew Ornelas

Dance Instructor


Peyton Wright

Company Director & Dance Instructor


Mikel Weigel

Dance Instructor


Emma Clarke

Dance Instructor


Caprice Jardin

Dance Instructor

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Office Hours


10 AM - 8 PM


9 AM - 6 PM


9 AM - 6:30 PM


9 AM -  6 PM




8:30 AM - 1:30 PM



San Diego Danceworks

We believe that dance as an art form develops the whole person. Our teachers are compassionate and knowledgeable, respecting individual body types and developmental needs. We encourage creativity and expression of feelings, giving students a confidence in their ability to think for themselves and bring their ideas into actions.

San Diego Danceworks has

been inspiring students to dance since 1990. 

In 1993, Barbara Rinaldo took over as Director and moved the studio to its present location in the

Mt. Soledad Business Park in North Clairemont. 

The two dance studios have sprung floors for the safety of our dancer’s bodies.

Danceworks’ is a studio that welcomes families. 

We have a viewing area for our children’s classes where

siblings are welcome to come and play.

We perform throughout the year at community events such as Craft Fairs and Fall Festivals at area public schools.

San Diego Danceworks in collaboration with Creative Stages of San Diego performs The Nutcracker annually in December.  Our year culminates in a performance at the San Diego County Fair and in an Annual Recital at the Creative Performing & Media Arts Center.

Classes We Offer

Acrobatics/Acro Skills

Acrobatics is a style of dance that combines dance choreography with precision acrobatic elements. Acro Skills is a class focusing on the conditioning, flexibility, and strength needed for the athleticism of acrobatics. Dancers in the Acro classes are required to take a ballet class to develop the dance technique needed to seamlessly blend dance and acrobatics. Classes are designed in a progression with students evaluated by the instructor prior to being placed in a class. Students must be comfortable working with other students in a partnering situation and or being lifted. The class will include: cartwheels, round offs, handstands, adult somersaults forward and back, and bridges.