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March 2018 Newsletter

March Has Arrived!

St. Patrick’s Day is Saturday, March 17th be sure to wear green in the studio!

St. Patrick's Day March 17th!

Danceworks Lost and Found Basket

Here’s a photo of our lost and found basket. It’s overflowing! These items will be donated on April 6th so please check for any missing belongings.

Our lovely competition teams did a fantastic job in their first two competitions of the season and created a great start to keep moving forward. They’re now preparing for their regional competition/convention in Temecula.


  1. Two new classes on Wednesdays available for tots! Take a free trial class!

  2. The Danceworks 2017 – 2018 Spring/Fall Session Ends June 30th.

  3. Our 5 – Week Summer Session starts July 9th and ends August 10th. (PDF Attached Below)

  4. Summer Camp Early Bird Registration is available on our website for current students.

  5. Early Bird registration ends May 15th!

  6. Important information is attached below!

  7. The 2018 School Recital Shoe List is now available. A PDF is attached below or access the latest version here.

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