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Naythaniel Tavcar

Dance Company Coach & Dance Instructor

Naythaniel Tavcar was born and raised in Reno, NV. He didn’t start his training until the age of 16, but after being catapulted into movement classes, he quickly discovered that dance was his passion. He has produced, directed and choreographed multiple productions that were housed at large casinos and small black box theaters alike. He also took this time to hone his costuming and music editing skills, which have been put to good use! Having owned and creative directed the only commercial training program of dancers in the Reno-Tahoe area, working with students of all ages and backgrounds, he quickly established himself in the Nevada dance community. Today, Nayte resides in the Greater Los Angeles Area; having had the opportunity to work alongside some of the top industry choreographers like Brinn Nicole, Joe Brown, Marvin “DJ MARV” Browning, Janelle Ginestra, Ambrose Respicio, and many more. Nayte is continually learning and growing as a dancer and choreographer within all facets of the industry, as he pushes his students to do the same. It is this passion for knowledge and education that, along with movement quality, keeps Nayte dedicated to his journey in creating an open and welcoming community, and better the industry for future dancers, artists, and entertainers alike.

Naythaniel Tavcar
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