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March News

We're happy that our county is making progress to end the mask mandate indoors. We will continue to follow the California School District for guidance and continue to require masks while indoors until further notice.

NEWS RELEASE: San Diego Unified Ends Outdoor Masking, Resumes Field Trips as COVID-19 Cases Decline:

"...Although the surge of omicron is waning, this highly transmissible variant of COVID-19 is still prevalent in our community. In the months ahead, other variants are anticipated to cause new resurgences.

COVID-19 safety continues to be the district’s top priority. In addition to consulting with the district’s pediatrician and Nursing and Wellness Department, San Diego Unified remains in regular communication with health professionals at UC San Diego, the county, and the state regarding the latest guidance on the use of masks indoors.

A “masking for all” school policy will only be relaxed when either serious health risks of COVID-19 disease are negligible and/or community case rates are such that contracting this virus in a school setting is extremely unlikely."

Summer Camps Open for Registration

Are you an adult looking for classes?

Here are the classes available to you:

Monday 8:15 - 9:30 AM Contemporary

Monday 8 PM - 9 PM Hip Hop

Summer Recital

We are in the process of ordering recital costumes.


The 2022 Summer Recital will be on June 25th & 26th, with rehearsals taking place June 21st — 24th.

Please take the time to read through the following information carefully:

The summer recital will be held at two locations:

Creative, Performing, and Media Arts Center

5050 Conrad Ave San Diego, CA 92117

LightBox Live Arts Theatre

2590 Truxtun Rd #205, San Diego, CA 92106

Your dancer will likely be performing at only ONE location.

Please click here to see which classes are performing at what location.


Your dancer will stay enrolled in classes through the new year.

Our current session ends June 30th, 2022.

All drops or changes in enrollment require a 30-day notice.

Please let us know if your dancer will be absent from class.

Many of our classes are full. We are happy to keep a spot for your dancer if we know they will be missing classes. If your dancer misses class two weeks in a row without notification, the office will reach out to you. If we do not receive a response, the office will begin the 30-day notice drop process and your dancer may lose their spot in class.

Tuition is calculated on the entire dance year (August-June) and is the same each month, including those shortened by Danceworks holidays/closures or student absences.

As a courtesy to our students, classes missed can be made up. Students may make up classes by coming to the same class that meets on another day or by exploring a different style of dance. Family members may also use a make-up to try a class. Students must be enrolled to make up a class. Make-up classes must be taken within 30 days of the missed class. Please consult with the office to schedule your make-up classes. Classes that are currently waitlisted are not available for make-up or trial classes.

Lost and Found!

Please check the front studio lobby and back studio for lost items.


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